AREA_NAME Cyubu Area PREF_NAME Fukui RECIPE_NAME Echizen oroshi soba RECIPE_HEAD

Echizen is a city in Fukui. Oroshi soba is soba noodles served with grated karami daikon and dashi. Oroshi means to grate. Karami daikon is a smaller daikon that is known for its spicy flavor. Kara means spicy and mi means flavor. The soba noodles are garnished with green onions, katsuobushi smoked bonito flakes, and topped with dashi. The flavor is rich and deep. Oroshi soba is associated with health and longevity in Japanese food culture. Lately this dish is included in macrobiotic cuisine.

The history of oroshi soba can be traced back to about 1600 when grated karami daikon was added to soba. Made with stone-ground buckwheat, Fukui soba has a reputation for a delicious flavor as it is grown at a latitude that is ideal for buckwheat.

Throughout Fukui there are soba dojo classrooms for learning how to make soba. Soba is made at home and eaten at events. Soba is a rich source of protein and contains essential amino acids. Soba noodles have an earthy aroma and the feeling of the noodles going down the throat, the aroma of the smoky bonito, rich umami soup, and the spicy grated daikon is a great collaboration.