AREA_NAME Hokkaido /Tohoku Area PREF_NAME Miyagi RECIPE_NAME Harako meshi RECIPE_HEAD

Salmon is fileted, skin and bones removed, and the flesh sliced thin. The salmon slices are lightly simmered in a broth of sake, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar and set aside. The roe is gently separated and also quickly passed through the same broth as the salmon and the roe is also set aside.

Rice is cooked with the enriched simmering broth. Harako meshi is the seasoned cooked rice topped with salmon and roe. Harako is the local name for ikura salmon roe. Meshi means rice.

The Abukama river, known for its salmon run, flows from Fukushima to Miyagi and into the Pacific Ocean. Harako meshi was served in autumn to the feudal lord Date Masamune when he came to inspect the construction work of the Teizan Canal. Harako meshi was an offering made to Masamune by the fishermen in the Watari Arahama area.

White rice is a valuable source of nutrition. The simmering broth becomes enriched with umami after blanching the salmon and roe. Cooking the rice in the umami broth and serving it with salmon and roe is an opulent dish in areas where salmon run.