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Pease Pottage with Turmeric, Ginger and Miso

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Pease Pottage with Turmeric, Ginger and Miso - also called peas pudding, this is an old English dish. It’s basically a thick soup made from boiled pulses, usually yellow split peas.⠀

We wanted to add some elements to boost the immune system so we made our version with turmeric, ginger, and miso paste. Miso is packed with Umami and also provides the gut with beneficial bacteria that can help to boost immunity.⠀

Serves 3-4⠀

250g dried yellow split peas⠀
1 tbsp olive oil⠀
1/2 leek* (white part only)⠀
1 carrot*⠀
1-2 bay leaf⠀
2 tsp malt vinegar⠀
1 tsp turmeric⠀
1 tbsp yellow miso*⠀
2 tbsp water⠀
1.5 cm/1 inch ginger⠀
1L vegetable stock*


- Soak the yellow split peas in cold water and leave overnight.⠀
- Chop the leek and unpeeled carrot into small chunks.⠀
- Mince the ginger.⠀
- Heat olive oil in a heavy-bottomed pan and saut the leak and carrot until soft but not browned. ⠀
- Add turmeric and ginger. Stir well.⠀
- Add the split peas to the pan and pour vegetable stock over them.⠀
- Add the bay leaves and bring to the boil, then turn the heat down to simmer for 45-60 minute until the peas are very soft. If all the water in the pan is absorbed, add a little more.⠀
- Liquidise the cooked peas and vegetables with a blender. Leave some peas un-smashed for a texture.⠀
- Add malt vinegar, then miso paste mixed with water.⠀
- Serve hot, or eat like mashed potato.⠀