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Tomato Gyudon (Beef Bowl)

  • Umami-rich Recipes with Beef

Tomato is a useful Umami ingredient. You can even make tomato dashi stock. In this recipe, beef and tomato multiply the Umami components in them.⠀

<Ingredients> ⠀⠀
Serves 2⠀⠀
- 150g beef off-cuts, minutes steak or stir-fry strips can be used⠀⠀
- 100g white onion⠀⠀
- 70g tomato⠀⠀
- 50g mirin⠀⠀
- 30g soy sauce⠀⠀
- 400g cooked rice⠀
- Spring onion, chopped finely⠀⠀
- Shichimi togarash (Japanese chilli and spices mix) or chilli flakes⠀⠀⠀
- 2 Onsen eggs - an egg which has been poached in its shell at 65ºC-70ºC. When you crack its shell you get a cooked yolk surrounded by jelly-like soft white. See the end of the method

1. Slice the beef into 5cm long strips. Dice the tomato into 1cm cubes. Slice the onion thinly lengthways.

2. Put the tomato, beef, onion, mirin and soy sauce into a frying pan. Mix roughly then turn on the heat.

3. Divide warm rice into two bowls. When the beef is cooked, pour the content over the bowls.

4. Top the bowl with Onsen egg, spring onion and Shichimi togarashi.⠀

<How to make Onsen (Hot Spring) egg>⠀⠀
Boil 500ml water and remove the pan from the heat. ⠀⠀
Put in the eggs carefully and add 100ml of cold tap water. ⠀⠀
Put the lid on and wait for 18 minutes. ⠀⠀
Carefully break the shell into a small bowl. The yolk should be firm but not hard boiled.⠀