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Ultimate Umami Oats

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Ingredients: Serves 1⠀

40g oats*⠀
300ml brown rice milk⠀
handful of exotic mushrooms (e.g. shiitake, shimeji, button mushrooms)⠀
truffle-infused olive oil for frying⠀
sprig of fresh rosemary⠀
1 tsp yeast extract⠀
half a sheet of Nori⠀
1 tsp roasted pine nuts⠀
sea salt to taste*⠀


- Cook the oats in the brown rice milk by simmering for 5 minutes.⠀
- Fry the mushrooms in the truffle-infused olive oil for a few minutes until browned. Slice any if the larger ones into smaller pieces.⠀
- Swirl the yeast extract through the oats. Press the oats into a cup, turn upside down and use it as a mold to make a mound on the plate.⠀
- Top with the mushrooms and arrange the nori sheet on the plate.⠀
- Sprinkle with small pieces of rosemary, the pine nuts and sea salt to taste.⠀

* Note: you may not need much salt as the Umami-rich ingredients are so flavoursome.⠀

Variation: replace the oats with rice or quinoa, which also work well in absorbing and carrying the Umami flavours.⠀