Tempura Tenko,Chef Hitoshi Arai Part3

  • Tempura Tenko,Chef Hitoshi Arai

Guess what these strings are…

They are the antennas from Japanese Tiger Prawns. The second image is Tempura of a bunch of prawn antennas!

Chef Hitoshi Arai of Tempura Tenko says there is nothing whatsoever to be wasted of tiger prawns. The head can make great Dashi stock, legs can be crispy-fried and that applies to the antennas as well. He uses the smallest tiger prawn species called “Saimaki” and every time a fresh delivery arrives at his restaurant, he collects them with utmost care. Only a few lucky guests can taste this ultimate delicacy.

Along with adapting traditional cuisines for plant-based menus or special requirements like allergies, and making zero-waste from the incredible ingredients he uses, Chef Arai’s quest for all things Umami continues.

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